Dogsday – supporting application for dog owners

„An intense bond, no matter if between two people or between man and dog, then develops at the best if both partners plan many actions together, and communicate with each other as much as possible. Especially for humans and dogs this means: many common activities, actions, games, walks and experiences.“
(Ádám Miklósi)

Since there is, in the range of the dog education, so far only little modern technologies, we have focused on the development of a helpful system, which allows the dog owner to support education and living together with their dog.


Interface Design


Laura Humpfer
Lisa Schulz


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Sony Alpha 6000


We visited several dog schools to get a better insight into the whole area. Among the many impressions we noticed directly that professional dog trainers can differ greatly in their training methods. In addition, we observed that for the dog trainers, it is often difficult to concentrate on each individual dog and to adapt the training again personally. Trough different methods we tried to find out the most useful functions for the app. The following picture shows an example of a „Kano Analysis“, we’ve created.


Based on the research with application of different methods and the definition of desired focal points and objectives of the application, the following emerged concept. Since the application is not a „competitor product“ to the dog school, but a helpful extension, especially for to represent the training and education of the dog at home we conceived a concept, which will enable the training of at home, in the dog school and on the road.

Invention Design

Health Hub

Application Design