I'm an Interaction Designer with a strong focus on UX/UI for digital products, that positively impact people.

There are a few things that I conceptualized and designed during my bachelors and masters.

Transformation Design

Postcards made of seed paper

"Seed the Future" addresses the question of how we can positively shape the future through our daily actions. A project for more rethinking, more initiative and more vision.

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Bachelor Project


An intelligent crane control system, that supports the crane driver in his daily work with partially automated processes and documentation.

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Social Design

Simple Home-Sorting System

A way how we could raise more awareness in people about the importance and value of re-cycling in a social housing area.

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Application Design


A challenge app, which supports you in reducing your personal plastic footprint.

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Emoji Open Source


The first comprehensive open-source emoji and icon library from a designers point of view.

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Interface Design


A helpful system, which supports the dog owner in the education and living with their dog.

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Invention Design

Health Hub

A revised concept of the health system in Germany.

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Application Design


A digital ordering system of a sushi restaurant, based in Stuttgart, which allows you to order your food by an application.

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Interactive Communication Systems

Coral Bleaching at Great Barrier Reef

An interactive communication system which clarifies about the coral bleaching and the results of it.

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