Yuoki – digital ordering system

The course „Application Design“ in the third semester is about redesigning an existing app. We opted for an application of a sushi restaurant, based in Stuttgart, which allows you to order your food by an tablet application.

The restaurant and also the app are called Yuoki. It’s an useful and attractive concept for an All-You-Can-Eat restaurant, but the understanding and look of the app has to be redesigned.


Application Design


Selina Bauder
Emily Jäger
Laura Humpfer
Lisa Schulz


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere
Just in Mind


The concept of the application was changed a bit. After interviewing some guests, we thought it could be useful to order the food by your own mobile fun, rather than just the tablet. After everyone is successfully connected after scanning a QR-Code, a short tutorial is explaining how to use the app. Now every guest can order food and add it to the common order summary on the tablet. On the following infografic you can see the system, how it works when ordering some food.


The challenge was now, to create a consistent design for both, the tablet and the mobile phone. We built a consistent grid for both devices and defined static elements. We choosed this type of presentation, since it shows the most dishes offered at a glance.

Content and Details

To get more informations about the food, there are shown details in a new overlay page. You can also like the product, so other guests and also the cook could see which is liked more and which less.
There’s also the possibility to filter the products by ingredients and intolerances. When you pressed the filter button, the filter field is in the foldet out position.

When you press the menu button on the opposite side, you have got the opportunity to get directly to the individual categories.
A special function is the sushi configurator. Your own sushi can be created.

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Interface Design