Your Space – Yoga and more

Your Space is a studio that offers yoga as well as other classes that help to leave the stress of everyday life behind, feel good in your body, balance inside or help to learn something new and really relax.

My main tasks were appointments with the client, the conception and design of the website, as well as the creation of the photos together with my colleague who then implemented the website with WordPress.

Methods & Tools

Kick-Off and Feedback Meetings
Concept & Strategy
Visual Design


The website should reflect the idea of yoga with its appearance and ensure with appropriate colors, elements, font and images that the user feels comfortable from the start and knows what to expect.

Click here to visit the website.


The website should address different user groups, from prospective to already Your Space customer. The users are also not necessarily experienced and therefore need a clear page that accompanies them supportively to the goal.


A concept was developed that picks up different user groups. Both those who are already customers of the studio and just want to quickly book their next course. As well as those who want to be inspired and informed first.