Finding Visions

At a time when the world is standing still, we have taken a leap forward towards the future. We asked ourselves what it should be like. A a we can look forward to. What each individual can do and what we should leave alone. For this future – Our future.

We live in a world of abundance. But what influence does our consumption and our actions have on our environment and our future?

„Seed the Future“ deals with the question of how we can positively shape the future through our actions. By contrasting the present with a possible more positive image of the future, we want to motivate you to think and participate. What seeds do we need to sow now so that we can benefit in the future?


Transformation Design


Adobe Illustrator
After Effects

Sow the first seeds of what you want to see.

During the research, we looked at what things we really need in our everyday lives and what we can do without. Does doing without always mean making sacrifices? How can we demonstrate that even small changes can create transformation?

Due to the Corona crisis, the semester took place exclusively virtually, which is why we used Miro as our shared mood board and main tool for brainstorming and generating ideas. Via zoom, we gave each other regular updates and worked closely together in constant coordination.

My main tasks included conceptualizing the project and the Instagram account, capturing everyday situations through photos, as well as organizational tasks. Finally, in collaboration with my fellow students, I designed a website to present our final result.

What do we see as potentials for social change? Do we believe in it?
  • We need to work together.
  • We’re not powerless.
  • We need positive images of the future to bring about change.
  • Less can often be more.


Once we had established our goals, we worked together on a concept to achieve them. By contrasting the future and the present, we want to achieve a change in values in different areas of action. Through interaction, we want to clarify the topic and share it with as many people as possible. Our own wishes and ideas for a positive future should help motivate our fellow human beings to join in as well. In short, we want to generate a „we“ and create a change in values.

Result and functions
  • Analog postcard to distribute in public places and send.
  • Printed on seed paper, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • QR-Code links to the Instagram profile and serves digital distribution.
  • GIF’s and postcards.
  • Five different action areas: Energy, Nutrition, Consumption, Clothing and Mobility

Despite working exclusively online, we’ve come up with a well thought-out concept that will hopefully serve the purpose of motivating people to take their future into their own hands and do something good for it every day.

By following this link you can reach the website of the project and also have the possibility to download all the designed motifs in postcard or GIF form.

  • Closed print shops and photo labs due to Corona.
  • Long waiting times for seed paper.
  • Analog distribution not possible.
Social Design


Application Design