Simple Home-Sorting System

„How can we raise awareness in sorting waste correctly?“ This question we asked ourselves during this project. The goal was to support the residents of a social housing area in Haderslev, a small city in Southern Denmark, in sorting their waste. Moreover, through design how could we influence the inhabitants towards a more conscious sorting of their waste?

In order to protect the environment and to improve the waste recycling, we should all separate our waste as much as possible. Many people are not aware of how easy this can be on the one hand and how big the positive impact is on our environment on the other.


Social Design


Sara Lee Krog
Basia Motylińska
Xiachu Chen


Adobe Illustrator
Screen Printing


We had the opportunity to interview some residents of the social housing area about the waste problem, or in general the awareness of recycling and sorting waste. After interviewing these people we had good insights into the whole problem. Since we had a lot of interesting facts which are describing the situation and different feelings and thoughts better, we focused on six most valuable facts of each participant. You can see it in the following download posters. 


To return to the question from the beginning: „How can we increase awareness…?“, we focused on the most important functions that our product should have. The idea was to develop a simple „home sorting system“, surrounded by a campaign, with fun, playful and attractive aspects.


Why is it a campaign? The home-sorting system is a campaign, which could last for four weeks. It’s because we wanted to create something which helps the residents directly and makes the start easier for them. Also the cardboard for the garbage bins is cheap and quick in production. To sum up the idea of the campaign is a faster process to test our product and the developed concept. Besides to that we would get feedback very quickly. How this campaign would work is shown in the following video.

Application Design


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