Health Hub – revised concept of the health system in Germany

Do you know where your vaccination certificate is? When was your last visit to the doctor? And are you aware about your current medication? Are they compatible with each other?

However, almost everybody is, when asked about his or her health, able to recall special events, experiences and disappointments, be this the frustrating hunt for a vaccination certificate or talks with their doctors looking foold diagnoses or x-ray pictures. That’s why we focused on the management of the health system in Germany and reworked it.


Invention Design


Martin Wehl
Selina Bauder
Lisa Schulz


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Apple Keynote


First we inspected a typical visit to the doctor and analyzed the problems, which could arise. Furthermore we determined unnecessary deplucations, which costs time and money. Problems that may occur, for example: 


We determined, that the cause of those problems mostly could be inadequate or a lack of communication of the participants of the german health system. Another reason could be their confusing relationship to one another.
Arising from this recognition „Health Hub“ was built: a central user interface, which could connect everybody includes their tasks and data. The current problems of communication and administration could be prevented or at least improved.

The main focus here is on the patient. This one has the possibility, to share their data individual by „moduls“.

Application Design


Interactive Communication Systems

Great Barrier Reef