Change – an application that should help you to reduce your daily plastic waste

The last semester I spent at Designskolen Kolding in Denmark. Here I took part in the master study program „Design for People“ as a communication designer.
The first course was called „skills workshop“, where we should deal with the topic green cities and use our disciplines to draw attention to the current problems and conditions.

I wanted to focus on the big plastic problem all over the world. Did you know, that 8 million tons of plastic waste enter our oceans every year? And 50 % of all plastic we produce is used just one and thrown away. 80 % of all trash in our oceans is plastic, which leads to the fact that an average person eats 70000 microplastic each year.


Skills Workshop


Adobe Illustrator


I started to research about different ways to avoid plastic or use less and took a look into a „zero waste“ lifestyle. My goal was to support the users in using less plastic and to give them the opportunity to share their actions to motivate other people. The application should be fun and useful at the same time and should show you how much plastic you’re using and throwing away everyday.

App functions
  • tips, support, examples, inspiration
  • 30 days challenge
  • documentation and sharing
  • motivate each other
  • reduce, recycle, remove

Visual Design

At the same time, while researching, I came to the following statement, on which also my final product is based on: „Help create a wave of change.“. One of you alone cannot change the problem obviously, but if each of us tries to change a little bit in his everyday life, this could have big effects for us and our one planet.
The logo is inspired by the wave, related to the ocean. You can see the combination of the letter C and the word Change. The colours I used are inspired by the colours of the ocean as well. 

Light grayish blue


Dark blue


Very dark grey



The aim of the skills workshop was to try things you hadn’t done before and to go out of your comfort zone. I wanted to create a first version of the app, which is data based and functional. Therefor I worked with the native mobile app development platform called „“. I developed the first screens and in the end you could create a new account and calculate your real footprint.
In the following video you can see the application in use. In this case it is just prototyped.

Interface Design


Invention Design

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